Love sucks

y’all last night was WILD and I was obliterated, I barely remember anything!! I completely lost my voice!, Oh how I’ve missed those nights and the morning after being hungover and getting ready to do it again!! So when we got to nola I went to seths to see my simon boy ugh I love him, then I went to my place and got ready, Ian and I argued for like an hour because he went mia and didn’t talk to me since I left so I was salty but I got ready then all my friend came to ian and is place and Ian and I were still arguing but by the time we went out we were fine, bffs again, um so let’s go over the night, when Ian and I are together we’re wild and we go dumb & stupid so there’s that, so seth only hung out for a little bit because he didn’t feel good I guess but after he left I guess will and I made out and were all over each other & he asked me to be his girlfriend so I guess will and I are together now and my dress strap broke and I guess it broke because Ian and I were being dumb like always and I was standing on something and I fell ( which would explain the huge bruise going down my body ) so I guess when I fell ian grabbed my strap and it broke to which I flashed everyone and will walked me to my place to change and I guess I kept just letting it fall so everyone on bourbon saw my boob, like thank god I live on bourbon so I didn’t have to walk far and I guess I really made the move on will because we hooked up and then went back to where we were got more wasted then went home, will stayed at my place and I think that’s all, I’m really hung over but we’re all going to cafe du monde for beignets and frozen coffee ttyl update y’all later
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