What is art to you?

last night after the uga vs vandy football game was over my mom texted me “ wooo we won! 30-6 we smoked them, go dawgs! “ she’s so cute i love her so much, but anyways go dawgs
so me and my new found bf will got into our first fight last night because as we all know when I’m with Ian him and I get water and go dumb anyways will wasn’t happy bc I was making out with Ian ( it was on accident bc we did it all summer ) and my dress lifted up a few times so pretty much will said to me “ you’re acting like a fcking divvy and yous look like a fckn slag “ to which me being an immature drunk I swilled him bc my feelings were hurt and then he asked me how dense I am and he also said “ yous ruined me shirt “ which I think is really funny still because I didn’t ruin it and I started like cracking up last night over this and he was getting so mad he said “ are you taking the piss out of me you’re acting like a little shite” and I remember vividly how much I thought this was funny and I think it was because of his accent and how angry he was getting + me being drunk and then he said “ if I swilled ya or cracked on with some lass you would be kicking off” we left it continued being wild with Ian and I look over where will was and I see him talking to someone from tulane and listen my feelings got hurt and i was feeling the alcohol at this point and I just remember going over there and swilling him again and I said something like “ whos being a slag now ya divvy” and I was mocking his accent while saying this ( also if y’all didn’t know slag means like a slut and divvy means like an idiot ) and he said “ look at yous kicking off ya fkn proper radgie like” and I just pulled him away from this girl and we worked through our problems which after we were talking we were in hysterics over our argument, so I wanted to share bc I think it’s still funny like 10 hours later
Anyways gonna go to lunch at my fav place cafe du monde :)))

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