Who do you admire the most right now?

just left new orleans and im already missing it :(( So I ate brunch obviously at my fav place ever, cafe du monde, and before we left I bough an additional lg frozen café au lait + a lg iced café au lait, and when you order beignets you get three so I bought five of those so now I have 15 for the road, and I may be thinking I’m such a fatty but I ate like 9-12 beignets everyday over the summer and didn’t gain weight because it’s pretty much all I would eat so I’ve come to the conclusion beignets won’t make me gain weight, in fact I lost weight over the summer. Okay so I also cried bc I don’t wanna leave will, Ian, simon or Seth and because I forgot how much I truly loved living with Ian even tho we fight all the time he’s my bff and means the world to me & like because ( omg I’m about to sound lam ) but I love waking up every morning in new orleans, I miss waking up here in the heart of new orleans right on bourbon street, it’s a magical place & I love it, the memories I have here are unreal and being here this weekend made me forget just how much I love and hate this place, like at night when you’re trying to get home and the tourist just won’t get out of your way so you may lose your cool and flip out on them or during the day when you’re taking the street car and you make conversation with the person next to you, like being able to do all that again was 10/10. But I’m back on my way to georgia now, and next weekend I’m going to atlanta to visit my brother daniel and maybe run into the after cast lol but I’m gonna nap for a little bit, later y’all
Also forgot to say best birthday weekend ever

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