Ask @planetswitchaz:

Snap?? Great streaks I promise😉😉

Ok y’all update so I was getting annoyed because this nasty spider is ruining my beauty sleep and I’m so exhausted so I get the courage to go get our bug zapper, so I’m holding the zap button down and I put it up to the spider and it didn’t zap but it started to unfold so I got SO SCARED so I mushed it against the ceiling and it mushed like mash potatoes, NASTY, anyways so now I have a dead spider on my ceiling. I’m so brave.

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I’m so confused why people are so shook when I tell them I can figure skate ( ice skate ) and roller skate lol just because I’m a clumsy mess on my feet who can’t even walk without tripping and falling doesn’t mean I can’t function on skates also growing up not only did I do figure skating ( ice skating ) and roller skating I did gymnastics as well lol which they’re shook by too??

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