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What does freedom mean to you?

Last night I participated in a peaceful protest in new orleans and I’m going to continue to peacefully protest. What’s happening in the world right now has me so angry and upset. The inequality that poc still face breaks my heart in every way possible. I will always continue to fight for what’s right and help make the change, I will continue to protest and be by your side fighting with you, I’ll continue talking about these topics that NEED to be talked about, in person and every single social media platform I have. Our generation and the ones to come will be the change and I really believe this. Rest In Peace George Floyd and everyone single person that has lost their life at the hands of white supremacy. Remember their names and continue to share their stories, I know I will be. #Blacklivesmatter
i’m not black, but i see you.
i’m not black, but i hear you.
i’m not black, but i mourn with you.
i’m not black, but i will fight for you.

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Snap?? Great streaks I promise😉😉

Ok y’all update so I was getting annoyed because this nasty spider is ruining my beauty sleep and I’m so exhausted so I get the courage to go get our bug zapper, so I’m holding the zap button down and I put it up to the spider and it didn’t zap but it started to unfold so I got SO SCARED so I mushed it against the ceiling and it mushed like mash potatoes, NASTY, anyways so now I have a dead spider on my ceiling. I’m so brave.

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