I really loved you as Suzuno and you seem like a really funny gal! :D Also, how did you speak Ente Isla's language so fluently?

Thank you very much! I have my moments of funny. Ente Islan took me a few times to get right. That day was one of my very first days of recording, so I was very determined to do things correctly. I wanted to avoid sounding like I was reading it off the page, so while we'd be in a hold, I'd be figuring out which words were the important words in the sentence. That way, it would sound like a "native speaker", flowing quickly and easily. According to Chris Bevins' commentary track on the DVD, I picked it up more quickly because I didn't have anything to unlearn. On the flip side, however, I had no actual 'dub training' up to this point. I referred to my time recording with him as the "Bevins Boot Camp." My favorite word was (phonetically) "ik-cah-NOY-ti-cha" which I think means "additionally."

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