Are there any video games or movies you're particularly fond of?

Of the gaming variety, I love the Assassin's Creed series. As a whole, it looks more beautiful and more immersive with every iteration. The narrative is engrossing and keeps me questioning as to how it all fits together. It makes me want to buy the next one, not out of brand loyalty, but as a "reader" of the story. That's what it's doing correctly (needs more badass women, though, IMO)
Movies are harder to pin down, personally. Any given day at any time, I could give you any title, depending on how my day's been going. My ol' standby is Stanley Tucci's "The Imposters", which he directed. Basic plot: Two down-on-their-luck actors accidentally stow away on an ocean liner and find out there's a bomb on the ship. If you like smart slapstick-y love letters to the 1930's, this is it.

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