I am very impressed by your vocal range! Between low-pitched characters like Lim and high-pitched characters like Mitsuba/Suzuno, which is more challenging? Do you enjoy one or the other better? Either way, you have amazing talent!

Kyle Collins
Thanks! For me, maintaining a higher-pitched voice is the more challenging. When I was working on A Certain Magical Index, I had to constantly listen back to the first initial recordings I had done for Agnese, as I would get tired and drop pitch between takes.
Having a wide vocal range and being able to switch back and forth quickly has been incredibly beneficial. Some directors like bringing me on for bit parts on other shows because I can vary my voice enough to play two or three one-line bit parts, sometimes in a single episode. I call it "six for the price of one."
I like doing both. Lower-voiced women in anime don't come up often, so it really behooves one to learn a higher-pitched voice just for the sake of getting consistent work.

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