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Ever watched Monty Python? If yes, whats your favorite skit?

I exist, so I've watched MP. Favorite skit would have to be either Dead Parrot Sketch or The Four Yorkshiremen.

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What was your favorite subject in school?

English. I really enjoy reading.

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I am very impressed by your vocal range! Between low-pitched characters like Lim and high-pitched characters like Mitsuba/Suzuno, which is more challenging? Do you enjoy one or the other better? Either way, you have amazing talent!

Kyle Collins
Thanks! For me, maintaining a higher-pitched voice is the more challenging. When I was working on A Certain Magical Index, I had to constantly listen back to the first initial recordings I had done for Agnese, as I would get tired and drop pitch between takes.
Having a wide vocal range and being able to switch back and forth quickly has been incredibly beneficial. Some directors like bringing me on for bit parts on other shows because I can vary my voice enough to play two or three one-line bit parts, sometimes in a single episode. I call it "six for the price of one."
I like doing both. Lower-voiced women in anime don't come up often, so it really behooves one to learn a higher-pitched voice just for the sake of getting consistent work.

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Favourite YouTube channel whenever you have some time to kill?

I don't really hang out on YouTube, but I do enjoy ERB, PostModern Jukebox, and Honest Trailers.

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Have you ever been given a wedgie or been pantsed? 😂

I have two younger sisters, so...

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Did voicing Lola in One Piece hurt your throat?

She did, mostly because Lola was my first "character" work when I had started working as a VA. I wasn't used to the long hours ( I will never work five straight hours again) and since I was new, I wasn't really familiar with the process or the archetypes, so there was a lot of coaching. Doubly so with Lola, we completely reworked the original voice I had auditioned with into what you hear now.

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when is your Big Wedding Day and Who are You getting Married to If i may Ask

We're getting married on Saturday! And out of respect for my lovely Fiance's privacy, I'd like to not name him.

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What was it like playing a crazy character like Agnese?

[POSSIBLE SPOILERS] I loved playing her. Though she be but little, she is fierce. As a voice actor, however, I only get glimpses of her for seconds at a time. The whole story never becomes realized until I see a finished product. (I don't always watch an anime in Japanese and then get cast in a role on the show. I feel that it lends itself toward creative plagiarism to try to copy someone else's performance. Not cool.) I can answer it retroactively, but to do so, I have to argue against the question.
A crazy person never thinks she's crazy. Agnese believes that she is doing the right thing; her religious zealotry is what makes her an effective leader and gets the other nuns of the Church of the Cross follow her almost blindly. I never her approached her as insane, just very committed to her convictions. She lies to Toma and Index about her true motives, but she sees it a necessary way to recover the Book. In flashbacks, we know she was out on the street on the Church took her in and cared for her. Perhaps in exchange, she pledged herself wholeheartedly to the cause, no matter what it may actually fight for or knowing fully what it would ask of her. One fights to protect family, and this just happens to be hers.

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What's the greatest, most satisfying part for you about working as an actress/VO Actress?

My answer would be the same in either stage acting, or voice over: That conversation some one strikes up where they saw something I (or any actor) in and it motivated them to do something new. Sometimes it's just following you on twitter, or watching a new series because it's like that one, or reading a new book, or seeing more theatre, or whatever. Because I was having fun onstage or in the booth, someone else discovered something new for themselves. That's a cool feeling.

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What makes you nervous?

Opening nights. Still.

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Girls misuse it! models sell it! photographers cage it! doctors advice it! death freezes it! artists create it! Guess, what's that?

Mohammad Tahir
A smile. How does one misuse a smile, though?

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