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How can I confront my gf of never apologizing for her misdeeds ?

sit down and have an open and honest conversation.

hello, how's your evening going? hows you spending it

hello ~~
i'm drinking wine and watching the thankmas stream from jacksepticeye.

Have you noticed that ASK has stricter rules when it comes to ‘chats’? Things in chats get deleted very quickly, even if you censor words. I think they are more cautious with chats than answers/questions.

tbh, that makes sense. because chats can be posted without the person's approval.

what time do you wake up on weekend?

depends on when i went to bed the night before and how tired i was. usually between 8:00am and 10:00am.

What lamp should I get for my small-sized desk? I currently have one with white light, but it's too intense, gives me a headache. I need a smaller, less intense one. Perhaps I should switch to a lamp with a yellow light

i have one similar to this for my desk at home (and on my bedside table). warm light is easier on the eyes.
What lamp should I get for my smallsized desk I currently have one with white

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It's funny to me how these women in this 70s series are referred to as "boss ladies" aka successful women with great careers. Not funny as in a negative way though. Is that the old school version of the modern 'girlboss'?

yeah, most likely.

Do you think men who are in their feminine energy look weak?

not at all. it's "weak" to think that men should think or behave a certain way.


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