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Any of you guys have been getting spam calls from weird numbers from foreign countries? It has been happening quite frequently lately.

i usually never get spam calls.

I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat but why do I gotta wait so much for my order to be shipped, like Idc if your staff is under covid attack again and the staff is underemployed and the requests are big during this time of the year, I WANT MY THINGS ASAP! isnt that what we pay fot???

technically you pay for that if you pay extra for expedited shipping. but if you paid for regular shipping, then you're treated the same as every other order.
have some compassion for people during this time of year, smh. it's the holidays, COVID is peaking again, companies are already understaffed (as you said), and all these operations are run by people, not robots. they can only do so much.

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Do you have anything that you will pass down to your kids when they are older

i don't have and won't be having children. but either way, i don't have anything that could be passed down.

What's your opinion on Iranian people?

i don't have an opinion. i don't think i personally know anyone who's from iran.
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Do you use your smartphone to pay bills or do you still pay bills using physical checks & mailing them?

i don't think i've ever physically mailed a check to pay a bill, haha. before everything could be paid online, i'd just make payments over the phone.
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it's 12:30pm and i haven't gotten out of bed yet. i keep falling back asleep on-and-off. i had things i wanted to do this morning, but i guess my body has other plans.
literally i can't remember the last time i slept this late, jfc.

This kind of freaked me out, I was talking with this girl getting to know her maybe in a relationship wise. I asked her what does she want in life she said she wants loads of kids and to be a stay at home, I wanna girlfriend who works too did I over react?

i don't think it warrants you freaking out. people want different things out of life. obviously you two aren't compatible.


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