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what if their wrong or mean

well i wouldn't be civil with a person if they were intentionally being mean to me. i would just cut them out of my life in that situation.
i also think there's a difference between being wrong and simply having a different opinion. you aren't necessarily wrong if your opinion differs from someone else's, but there are some opinions which *are* based on false information, which would make them wrong.

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gillette has come under fire after releasing a commercial that draws on the #metoo movement to challenge "toxic masculinity," urging men to be better. it covers bullying, sxxual harassment, and toxic male stereotypes. many people are claiming the commercial demonizes men. what are your thoughts?

Jezebel ♡
all right, so i just watched the commercial.
to my understanding, the commercial doesn't demonize men at all. it's simply bringing to light the injustices that have been done upon other people by men, creating this culture of toxic masculinity that exists today. it doesn't say *all* men do this, which is exemplified by the fact that there were men who were breaking up fights, stopping their friends from chasing after girls, etc etc.
it's setting a good example for younger boys and young adults to open their eyes as to what acceptable versus unacceptable behavior is. "boys will be boys" is not an acceptable phrase to use anymore because there should be no excuse for violence or harassment, and those behaviors need to be corrected.
there's so much pressure on men to act and behave a certain way that gillette is trying to break that pressure and point out that certain things are *not* okay, and we should educate the future generations accordingly.

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What do you all think about the coins and the wallet thing seeing whose on top in your country or friends list? Hugs

Sarah J Lopez
sometimes i feel as if askfm is implementing these changes in an attempt to start competition between users, lmao.
first they revealed how many followers everyone had, and now they're posting up how many coins people have and stacking users against each other, both within their friends list and within their countries.
seems like some sort of marketing tool to make people answer more questions & be more active on the site.

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How would you deal with a friend who’s racist? I really enjoy the company but their racist remarks towards others make me uncomfortable. Could a person a change? I tried talking to them but they still make their remarks

if my friend turned out to be racist and continuously made racist remarks without attempting to understand why their thoughts/behavior is wrong, then i wouldn't be their friend anymore.

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about the gillette commercial. i was looking fwd to your response cause i respect and admire your responses but it feels so bad to be ignored

i deleted it because @sweetnothings18 sent the same exact question just minutes prior to your question. i still haven't answered it because i haven't watched the commercial yet, and tbh i know absolutely nothing about it.

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I never liked driving either, during the short time I did while I was (unsuccessfully) learning. Most people I know found that unusual, as my friends all seemed to like it. People often saw it as strange, and a disadvantage, that I didn’t. Is there a stigma about not driving/not liking it in the US?

there's somewhat of a stigma, but it only really applies to places outside of big cities (i.e. boston, new york city, los angeles) where it's difficult to get somewhere if you don't drive. where i live, you pretty much *need* to drive everywhere, or else you'll wind up spending too much money on taxis and ubers and trains.
in bigger cities, there's less of a need for driving because everything is basically in walking distance or there are subways and buses.

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Do you agree or disagree with this if you're staying in a country that you're not from. You shouldn't be in that country agree or disagree and why

i disagree. people travel to other countries all the time for a variety of reasons, whether it's due to work, school, personal leisure, etc etc. just because you're not native to that country obviously doesn't mean you shouldn't ever go there, lol.

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