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Hi aqib tbh you are rly strong even tho ur rly skinny lol sorry. Also you are so funny and thanks for the laughs in eighth:) hey you play clash right? You should join our clan okay. Well I miss you byeeee!!!

supercell1227’s Profile PhotoNoelle
Thanks a lot but I haven't played clash for like 3 months LOL
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tbh: I miss you you're so great and funny and helpful and entertaining af !! And I know you're secretly in love with me it's ok dw

Piccola_Bellezza1’s Profile PhotoAtiya
One day I'll look back on this and think oh I did like Atiya jk it'll NEVeR happen
Liked by: Atiya Noelle

To be honest, well Aqib, it has been 8 years and you haven’t changed a bit, for you’re still the goofball I knew since 1st grade. I won’t forget your subpar Little Mac skills, nor your amusing antics so don’t worry. Good luck at high school!

FarhatKhan’s Profile PhotoFarhat Khan
Thanks a lot man lol
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Most awkward moment you had

Yoooooo I literally have awkward moments everyday, but there was a really awkward moment for me in 7th grade. It was the first day of 7-502 and I saw Sashwat for like the first time. So it was math class and then he got up to like get a tissue I think and he was wearing glasses so I thought he was the teacher and I saw Ms. Hong and I thought she was a new student cause she's pretty short. So then he sat back down and I was like what what's happening because he should be teaching but then I saw Ms. Hong get up and say like hello class or something and then I was just in shock for the rest of the class because I thought that there was no way Ms. Hong could be the teacher because she wasn't wearing glasses and I thought teachers had to be wearing glasses to be a teacher or else they were like a substitute. I still couldn't believe it for the first week, but anyways that's how I met Sashwat lol

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Tbh oh god aqib I still remember the first time you messaged me and I didn't know who you were so I started guessing and I got you on the first try lol thanks for being such an awesome friend, and idek why I tease you a lot, if anything, just ask my heart LOL

therealsebi’s Profile PhotoSebastian
Haha thanks lol I'm going to start teasing you
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Tbh: Aqib, you're really nice and innocent XD. Sorry for the whole Zayn Malik thing lol :P. I don't really talk to you but you seem like a really nice guy and you're really good at playing handball. Best of luck with high school stuff and enjoyy the rest of 8th grade!! Byeeeeeeee :)

Thanks lol yeah we should talk more, and same to you
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Tbh- heyy aqib ur rly funny and cool but we should talk more, lmao the situation on Facebook, I hope u get into the high school u want and have a good 2015 :)

katerinal_21’s Profile PhotoKaterina L.
Thanks lol yeah we should talk more and you too
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HEY Koffaqibkoff Tbh I gotta say you're up there on the list of people I'll remember until I'm like 30 I mean, you are a one of a kind character Anyway I only met you in seventh grade but we have a lot of fun memories and stuff to think about and yeah be a man you coward

IJustWantToSeeTheQuestions’s Profile PhotoDrak3
Thanks Sashy lol I'll remember you till I'm 30 too but I have personal stuff for never talking to her lol, I'll tell you in the yard on Monday ;)
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Tbh- Ive known you for the longest time I remember your eat pie phase I'm just glad that's over lol Well we don't really talk much anymore but you're funny and quiet and really good at math

Nina_Fitz’s Profile PhotoNina Fitz
Thanks lol eat pie, yeah we should talk more
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Tbh you're a really cool person and really smart but you're quiet haha. We need to talk more though :)

Thanks lol yeah we should talk more

tbh your hair is cool but you arent zayn and hehe lionman and you're mad cool and we should talk more often

Thanks lol lionman yeah we should talk more

tbh ur really quiet but v nice and you have a nice music taste we should talk more

lilyrose_x3’s Profile Photolily
I'm not sure if I anwsered this before or not because I have a overflow of questions, but thanks lol yeah we should talk more
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