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What do I do so my depression doesn’t get carried away? Im in my 20s but it never leaves . I have tried to pull myself out many times. Praying isn’t fixing it.

G.L. A lot of meds do not help, if they did depression would not exist. Religion is a joke, c'mon, if prayer cured the world would not be a cesspool of abuse.

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When you think of France, what comes to mind?

God Bless America, the movie, no obligation to extradite American citizens back to to the U.S.A for persecution.

The solar system planets & outerspace is the craziest thing that ive ever known how about you‽‽‽ but what might be even crazier than that is death because what if death isn't the end but the beginning hu‽‽‽

Death is the end. Fight like a mutha. There are many universes.

I wear glasses and I can’t read menu at fast food when I’m standing far from menu. So I look at menu on phone then walk up to front to order

Me too, the workers dont understand visual incompetency.

are you in DC?

no, I am vee hey se virginny, that roundabout makes me wanna jump out and hurt ppl, lol.

I haven't had liquor in 20 days Or smoked🍃 in 29 days. I'm proud of me. Because im tempted tonight

I do both, but good for you! stay strong!
I havent had liquor in 20 days
Or smoked in  29 days Im proud of me Because im

What are your thoughts on a 19-year-old girl with a 48-year-old man?

I think he is a very happy man, heehee!

I don’t have the best relationship with my sister idk how to fix it she only wants me when she wants somthing I mean is that a relationship at all ?

trustingblade2’s Profile PhotoAsh Ash
No, not good, very bad. Don't accept behavior of a family member that you would not accept from a stranger.

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