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Ochi Bernadas
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My company could use a person with your skillset. :)

My corporate self would probably say your company could've approached me on LinkedIN. πŸ™ˆ

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may BF ka na te?

What do you think? :D

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If, hypothetically, you're still in a relationship and someone likes you but is afraid to approach due to the impending doom of rejection, what would you do?

Why me?? Why is the decision up to me, when hypothetically, I do not even know his intentions since he hasn't approached me? LOL

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What's your favorite Japanese restaurant?

I have 3 on top of my mind right now due to several reasons so I'll just list them all down.

1. Izakaya Kikufuji - Because they have fresh sashimi all the time. I don't recall how many times I've been there, but each time, the experience is always fantastic. They also have the most variety of sushi/sashimi out of all the restaurants I've tried. Downside - price.

2. Kaito - It's cheap as fuck. Their salmon sashimi was one of the best I've ever tasted but for a fraction of the price. Downside - the place. You have to queue for a VERY LONG TIME and the area also looks sketchy.

3. Shinsen - If the first one is pricey, the second is dirt cheap, this one on the other hand is right in the middle. They have local and imported sashimi for a reasonable price. They also have UNI TEMPURAAAAA.

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WHat diet are u on? U always drink diba, how come u dont get fat?

Because that's all I ever do, drink! 🍺🍻🍷🍸🍹🍾

Lol, kidding. I do get fat. If you compare my photos from, say, 2 years ago, you'll see the difference. I guess I just wear loose-fitting clothes most of the time that's why it's not obvious.

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how come you dont wnt a kid?

It's not a requirement. I'm happy as an individual, with my family and friends, my personal failures and success. As of the moment, I don't see the need for raising a living, breathing human being.

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what's the meaning of your leg tats?

Maganda ako, charot!

It's personal, I don't mention it unless I have this certain level of trust with a person

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do you like someone right now??

Like lang ha, yes. Hahaha

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cute mo

Thanks πŸ’–

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or are you crushing on anyone?

Of course, di naman ako halaman lol

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What do u like in a guy?

Huh, as I get older this question becomes more difficult to answer, lol.

I guess someone patient. I've never been good in controlling my EQ so I need someone who has all the patience in the world to put up with my meltdowns

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Have you ever fallen in love with a person who is in another relationship?


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How often do you eat fast food?

When I'm not in control, errday. Lol

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Balita ko may mestizo preference ka pala?

Kanino mo naman nabalitaan?

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Did you sell your SLR?

Nope, I'm having separation anxiety. Haha! It's been with me for a good 6 years now. :)

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Are you a fashionist/-a?

do u lyk ur sony camera so far?

I love it! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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What phone are you using na now?

I'm using an old iPhone

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Yung parang last year mo lang yata sinumulan po na suotin. Parang may isang diamond lang sya.

Hehe it's a gift from my bf. No meaning naman, just an anniversary present. 😊

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Hi, Miss! Anong ibig sabihin nung ring mo po?

Which one?

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What motivates you to get up on Monday morning?

Nothing. I'm sorry, not really the type of person who looks forward to another work week. Just want to cuddle with my bb all day long

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You're such an Alpha Female. I want to approach you. Scratch that, TRIED to approach you several times but you're too intimidating.

What, no. I'm super friendly πŸ˜‚

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Do you get jealous now that your bf is working?


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Hi Ochi. Have nothing to "ask" really. Just haven't visited this page in a while. Hope you are okay.

Hey, anon! I'm doing great. Hope you are too. πŸ™‚

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What if he watches it with you?

Doesn't matter? Porn is just porn. Idk why it's a big deal to some people

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