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Do u like to read the book first or watch the movie first? I mean for stories that are both a book and a movie

I like watching the movie first bec I'm a visual person! Once I have a clear picture of the characters, it helps me enjoy the book more

Why do people cheat? You did everything, gave everything. And yet they still hurt you. why??

Bec they’re assholes

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If you given a chance to change any parts of your body what will it be and why?

My boobies? Hahahaha I’ve always wanted bigger ones since I was 12 ?

what would you do if your gf or bf cheated on you?

Again, hypothetically I’d say dump him/her but I know my all-too-forgiving self too much so I’d probably take the person back ?

Help! Paano tangalin yung mga pimple mga marks? Ano gamit nyo? :(

For marks I used Dear Klairs Vit C Serum before. If you’re in a rush, you can also try chemical peels
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A cable + smart tv w/ netflix & viu subscription. What else do we need people? Di na ma satisfy??

Di na pwedeng magka-standards?

"Ano yung mas masakit, yung tinatago ka o itinatanggi ka ng jowa mo?"

bruh, are you sure this person is your jowa and he/she knows it? parang hindi e

nappressure na ako magkalovelife kasi parang lahat ng kaibigan ko may lovelife na HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA putangina 7th wheel na ako ??

Barones is this u? ?

Have you ever found someone na sobrang dami nyong similarities na parang iisang tao lang kayo? pero sa at the end nawala parin, even friendship nyo?

Fortunately, yes. Unfortunately, we didn't end up together. We're not super friends but we're casual


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