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when they hug their fans no one will want to let go and oh the tears

Dontttttttttt because I'll cryyyy

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i bet mcbusted make a announcment about whats happening in september

Yeahhh, would be appropriate tbh

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i dont think it matters if its small shows or not mcfly love live shows and each other too much to want to not be mcfly

I never said they don't want to be McFly. I am talking about venues, as Mcfly or mcbusted or any band.

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i think they might do a small goodbye tour with m/g

I hope sooooo, it would be emotional though

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i just wish i d met mcbusted more ,esp as i couldnt get my m/g this year,i can meet mcfly probs every year and more often but not matt and james

Awwwww yeah that sucks!! But when mcbusted end I hope they do something that allows us to meet them too :/

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Do you think they will rehearse?

I guess

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some fans say they cant understand why mcfly would want to go back to smaller shows at smaller venues after stadium and arena but if they want to be mcfly and its not forced then its ok

The thing is fans don't know if they want to go back to that kind of shows..I think is more the other way around, fans want them to go back to small venues, they as any band love playing small venues but if they have the opportunity to play arenas/stadiums they won't turn it down! Just look at hem how excited they were of playing at the O2 for example for more than one day and sold out..they loved itttt

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oh iv met them just not in london

Ohhh that's cool!

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If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be?

Ohhh;( you can try going to the studio if their rehearse though

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its ironin i have the info to meet mcbusted in london but at mo money issues stopping me

Ohhhhh that sucks!!!;( but you'll meet them one day I'm sure 😊

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If I send you a tweet will you reply and become my friend? I really like you but I get scared about talking to popular people because I always seem to get let down by people. But I look up to you and you seem very nice.

Of course I will!! Believe me I'm not that popular and I love to talk to other fans, I don't bite 😋 so feel free to tweet me;)

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thought they might have rehearsals for their summer shows but if they are doing the same songs wouldnt be much point

Yeahhh but they'll do more songs probably than at the 1D shows as they are headliners on the majority of the summer shows so they may or may not rehearse

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Arent rehearsals next week

Oh rehearsals studio, if they rehearse for the summer shows yeah I guess

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when do you think mcbusted will be at the studio again?

I don't know if they are going to release more music together so depending on that I guess 😋

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how are u feeling about mcfly coming back?

I am so looking forward to it but at the same time I'll miss Matt and james, I guess I got used to see them 6 on a stage together

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Do they sign stuff at rehearsals too?


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Can someone send me something to cheer me up i am seriously considering getting the train as far away as i can im sick of being let down now

Charlie Lawlor

Don't give up!! Be strongggg

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In that article it's not actually tom that says mcfly will start up again after Christmas..

Well yeah that bit is said by the person who interviews him but if he mentioned is because Tom told him I guess, he talked about that interview on twitter and didn't deny that so I guess it's true

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Why wasn't James with mcbusted recently? Just wondering

Because he had some meetings related to the musical he's writing and he couldn't reschedule them☺️

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Are mcbusted actually splitting after Christmas? Or is it a don't know situation?

I don't know 100% I thought they were but who knows with them, they change their minds all the time

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I have something signed by carrie and gi but nothing by mcbusted! :( how do I get something signed by them? I try and I try and I always get there when everything is sold out. I need them to do some sort of signing that won't get sold out straight away :(

Awwwwww that sucks;( I hope they do a signing so you can get something signed. Or try to meet them at hotels/airport if you can

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Dougie seems like quite a sexual guy. I wish he was my boyfriend

Lool well everyone wishes he was their boyfriend 😁

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Is tom an xfactor judge?


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You know how Dougie sometimes has versions of McFly songs like Love is Easy and Love is on the Radio? What song would you like to hear his version of?

Can I say all of the Mcfly songs?

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