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some fans say they cant understand why mcfly would want to go back to smaller shows at smaller venues after stadium and arena but if they want to be mcfly and its not forced then its ok

The thing is fans don't know if they want to go back to that kind of shows..I think is more the other way around, fans want them to go back to small venues, they as any band love playing small venues but if they have the opportunity to play arenas/stadiums they won't turn it down! Just look at hem how excited they were of playing at the O2 for example for more than one day and sold out..they loved itttt

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I have something signed by carrie and gi but nothing by mcbusted! :( how do I get something signed by them? I try and I try and I always get there when everything is sold out. I need them to do some sort of signing that won't get sold out straight away :(

Awwwwww that sucks;( I hope they do a signing so you can get something signed. Or try to meet them at hotels/airport if you can

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