Ask @prajitoruldinoz:

Will robots replace humans?

I don't know. But we will definitely reach a point where it will get difficult to distinguish between robots with human features and humans acting like robots...

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كيف تصف حياتك في خمس كلمات؟

How would I describe life in 5 words?
- beautiful
- marvellous
- sometimes funny
- sometimes sad
- always worth living

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How long does love live?

Forever. The past and the future, crossing them all, just to catch up with you in every life you live. Haha. I'm so cheesy.

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What's the best movie you've seen lately?

"Focus". It was such an excellent mediocrity (put this one in the category of great material - Arthur Miller's controversial novel, fine cast - particularly Mr. Macy, and misguided execution)

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