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Hundreds of star 🌟
In the pretty sky
Hundreds of shell
on the shore 🌊
Hundreds of Birds 🐦🐤
Tht go singing 🎶by
Hundreds of butterflies
in the lawn 🍀🌹🌻🌺🍁
Hundreds of Friends in life 🍃
But only one💎 True friend 🍂in life
& that's you ❤
*My mom told me💁 ANGELS💁 are in Heaven ✨
So what are you doing on the planet earth ?
*You look Soooooo pretty & cute ❤
*I love your nails 💍
* You can kill anyone 🔫by your 👑kindness👑
*Most carrying person 😘
*🐒Crazy 🐒
*Foodie person 🍜
*Pizza is baby for you 🎀
*U are a fun loving girl 💟
*love to spent ♚Time ♚ with you .
• You are truly an🎁 Extraordinary🎁 🎁gift 🎁
•Irreplaceable person 🐨
•Our bond is extremely Special 🌷
•You are So dear to me💪.
•You are always there for me [TY]
•You will always {& forever} be my best friend.
•I am So lucky to have you 🎇
•If someone was to write a story 📝about my life🍃 the "💟CLIMAX WOULD BE WHEN I MET YOU 💟"
•U are the most imp 🙌 person in my life.
•Our story 😊will continue to grow⬆ with each passing days.
× I will never forget all the moments that you've shown me .How much you cared. !!!!
×There are ❗Wonderful ❗memories ♥ attached with you.
Exam mai copy karna 👻👻👻
Tuje sonai nahi dena 👻👻👻
Irritated karna 👻👻👻👻
×Love u 💋
Itna maine apne Boards kai exam mai nhi likha tha 😂😂😂😂😂
💛 Ab aur MANZIL pane ki hasrat 💗
💛nhi rahe 💗
💛kisi ki yaad me mar jane ki 💗
💛fitrat nhi rahe 💗
💛Aap jaise Dost jab se mila hai 💗
💛kisi aur ko Dost banane ki 💗
💛Zarorat nhi rahe 💗
Hope you will remember me Forever
I love you

# Keep smiling
#keep loving
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