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Natasha Shetty.
The world is beautiful.
The atmosphere is joyful.
The animal are wonderful.
The birds are cheerful.
The children are playful.
The country is blissful.
All the above qualities are present in NATASHA.
Beautiful +joyful+wonderful +cheerful +playful +blissful.
•NATASHA my dearest and nearest friend.
•Carrying and loving.
•A fun loving girl.
•Like to tease U.
•Luv to spend time with U.
°Best speaker of our school.
°Fabulous English speaking skill, but horrible Marathi.
°Beautiful handwriting.
°Black belt.[karate ]😨
*she is a cute inosent type of girl,but aggressive.
*pretty beautiful.
*black beautiful hair.
*And she looks Hot in traditional dresses.
× There are wonderful memories attached with U.
×One of the oldest friend, are friendship started in fifth standard.
×U and me has passed fifth to tenth together.
×[ong friendship to gooooo.
×The memorable days when we used to steal things together.
×The day's when we copied together in exam.
×Vo computer lab wali mastii.
×Vo examination hall wali mastii.
×U shared all your things {Feelings
for NIK..and Tasty pizza}
×U are a strong girl but one thing made U weak.
×Forget and Forgive him.
×Don't spoil your future and present for him.
Waqt mile to hamein bhi
yaad kar Lena
pal pal na sahi din mein
ek bar yaad kar lena
Dost honge aap ke
hazoor par
Hum bhi un mien se ek
Hain itna yaad kar Lena
Hope U will remember me
Luv u
Keep smiling
Be happy


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