Ask @prem_143:

I love you morest ... so long views on me😍😍😳

Urja Sheth
I love you❤🌎. Jaan che maari❤. Urja, best frnd for life nd beyond🙊 The way we start talking i never knew v'll bestfrnd bt today we are🖤🙊 Thankyou so much for making me your bestfrnd🖤🌎. It means alot to me. You are the one who stand right next to me whenever i need You ❤🌎. You are the one who said i mm your bestfrnd and prove it every fucking time unlike others🖤. I dont promise everything will be proper always bt i promise you wont face any promblem alone 💕 Someone wid whom i can share anything and everywhere without the fear of getting judge 🖤. Thats my bacchiJaan🖤 urja❤️ I love You bacchi👽❤️ Best friend ❤️🌎 Stay forever🖤

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