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made my decision & I am going to leave. I know I said a whole sappy speech on my other account but this will be a mini version of it. I'm thankful for the people who stuck by me & believed in me when I was getting harassed & bullied on here. It made me into a stronger person. I'm thankful for leaving this place in the past. I can finally say it doesn't pain me to leave here. Its like my job is done. For those who have me on snapchat-- you can always hit me up. I am working on getting a new iPad. For those who don't have my number or imessage or anything, it really was a pleasure knowing who you are. I will try not to forget you, haha (pffff I wouldn't). Anyways my next post will be my password for whoever. Take care of yourselves. Dont let anyone take your star away from you. Goodbye yall. 😊❤

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