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Do you listen to your mind or heart when making important decisions?

monicamongeur’s Profile PhotoMonica Mongeur
Mind, heart does what it loves, the mind can gives you the reasoning about if it is correct or not!!.

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Any hidden talents?

Well if I have it then it's still hidden, I still can’t find what I'm truly talented at 🤷‍♀️

What is your favorite thing about the fall/winter season?

I’m winter person, cause the little cold that this season make it, I can be so clothed and I don’t sweating every single second 😂😂

What is your favorite part of Christmas season?

cloudyraindrops’s Profile Photoally
The happiness around every where, people still thinking that “new year will be new me” (of course it doesn’t happens to much) but everybody is motivated just waiting the new year, and you can feel this happiness around you jajaja and that’s my favorite part of Christmas season 😂😂

Work is slow today, if you could ask me anything-what would ya ask? Also should I do Honesty Day? Hmmmmm🤔

CrxstalCastles’s Profile Photo♥︎Satans Supreme♥︎
How is the work, still slow!?
Well, I just bored jajaja
Have you regretted your vocation, at least once, even the slightest thought about it?

How often do you send out questions anonymously?

cyniska’s Profile Photoemi
Rarely, I most in just answer the random questions haha
I don’t know what to ask, the people do really answer for all of these not sense question? 🤷‍♀️

does a man who gives a gift to a woman necessarily do it to impress the woman

Not really, mean, in some way you actually want to impress her, like you remember what she likes, you know what she was looking before, thing for just remember her your love or appreciation, to being impress can came out in different ways!!.

What's something that you never understood? (Like a rule or a law or something that everyone does even though it doesn't make any sense to you)

TreborRhoBert’s Profile PhotoTrebor Rho Bert
Actually I never thought of it, tell one you have it

im tired of tik tok showing me taylor swift and hairy styles their music sucks

I’m 23 already, I don’t know if I’m young or old to TikTok but I ve never used before!!.


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