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What physical features do you want in a girl?

i consider the girl's personality before any physical attraction would come to mind
but i guess i like:
- short hair
- perfect smile
- beautiful eyes
- good posture
- nice feminine voice (not too girly)
- either a little shorter than me, my height or a little taller
- natural (doesn't wear make up)
- silky skin tone
- cute face
- nice lips (idk haha)
- physically fit

What country would you like to go to and why?

my dream as a child was to travel around the world.
The 1st country i wanted to go to is USA.
- san francisco
- new york
- los angeles
- las vegas
- chicago
- washington DC
- disneyland
- golden state bridge
- staples center
- the white house
The main reason i've aspired to travel to America was because of Disneyland, i remember when i was 5 i dreamt about it and i've wanted to go there ever since. I've also wanted to visit places and eat food there that isn't available in Australia.
The 2nd country i wanted to go is France
- culture
- food
- eiffel tower
- paris
- language
- tour de france
- beach
- clubbing (jokes)
I want to go to France because of the wondrous sights and fascinating culture. It is also the country i would spend my honeymoon in.
I also want to go to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Singapore, New Zealand and Italy.

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What do you like about St Mary's?

I love my school because it opens so many opportunities.
The education system meets my standards. The cafeteria is a good space size to chill and study. The library is peaceful and quiet. The students are dedicated and hard-working (most of them). The amount of friendly students is crazy. The teachers are well appreciative of my capabilities and potential, even though i'm quite lazy. The amount of natural talents that every student have, especially those who can sing or dance or draw.
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What do you love most about your family?

I love my family for sticking around with me, for 17 years. Thankful that I still live in a wonderful home, no financial struggles or alcoholic/drug related issues. Thankful for parents who support me through my worst and through the memories we share. Thankful for a blessed family.
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What makes good music, good?

How it displays or incorporates musical concepts or elements for enticement.
Good music i listen to features:
- consistent rhythms
- reverted modern style elements (reminiscence of past influences into new music),
- creativity (in a pleasing way and not messy)
- melodies
- balance
- volume
et cetera

List 10 things that really annoy you:

- kpop
- impatience
- stubborn people
- conflicts
- good music disregarded by society
- exams
- two-faced personalities
- paranoia
- late buses
- my microwave

Your stage presence is something words cannot describe! You really belong on a stage, especially with that voice of yours!

Thank you :)

How often do you change your hairstyle?

Year 8 - flat top
Year 9 - emo fringe
Year 10 - flat top
Year 11 - flat top, thick top, alex turner, comb-over
Year 12 - super saiyan, prickle, etc

Thoughts on gay marriage

i'm re-answering this question (my old one sounded very contradicting and hurtful)
Gay people should be given to freedom to live the way they may be destined to, whether they were born naturally 'gay' or a choice of lifestyle. I personally think that if two "gay" people are in love, then its considered ethical as it is the marriage/couple's responsibility to live their lives based on the fact that they support each other. The same way with the securities of heterosexual marriages, they both share the matter of LOVE.

nah man! you have heaps of potential, and you're uniqueness is enough to carry you through :)

thanks anon, that'll sure come to mind if i try one day.

how did you get the name giraffe?

i got the idea from giraffes being one of my favourite animals.
Giraffes don't affiliate with my physical stature though, considering i have a short neck and i'm 5'2 (pretty short).

:O why not? You're amazing but

its just that i'm not on par with the professional singers you hear on xfactor or the Voice.

Honest opinion on jazz music

honestly, i love the diversity in jazz music. It can range from soul to 12-bar improv blues and still sound musically eargasmic. I haven't taken much effort to dig deep into the roots of Jazz music, nor do i have the in-depth familiarity with Jazz music. I do know that any musical instrument can be incorporated in a particular style to fit Jazz and i would be damned if distorted guitars playing fragments of hard-rock elements blending with the soothy and dancy rhythms of walking bass riffs were united in a way to entice my sense in music (way off topic).
I like jazz, somebody should introduce me to some good artists and i'll hopefully give a few listens.
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