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What experiences do you think have you shaped you the most as a person?

i guess the greatest impact on my life was how I've reacted towards family and societal experiences in the past and present.
The reason that is behind how i express my personality towards people is because of my parents, my parents have placed one of my major influences in my life.
I'm usually a quiet person in public because i feel more comfortable expressing myself that way. My parents are quiet people and i've grown fond of that aspect in life that being socially awkward is what i should be.

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Small things that make you happy :)

- feeling God's presence
- talking to my sisters
- strolls in the park
- faithful acts
- random conversations with people i'm not close with (the ones that flow)
- goosebumps (whilst listening to someone sing)
- shooting the ball in the hoop (and it swishes)
- receiving packages in the mail
- when my mum buys me food
- good exam marks
- positive attitudes
- naps during the day
these are just from the top of my head.

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