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How does pain changes people?

The truth is, nothing will change you more than being hurt by someone else.😔
Being hurt can UNCONSCIOUSLY make a person create BOUNDARIES, because when you get hurt and it’s a deep level of hurt, you will automatically build a wall of protection around your heart. You will begin to take precaution without knowing, especially if you see similar traits in conversations or acts that remind you of previous hurt. You build those boundaries, because you don’t want the PAIN to break you anymore.😔😔

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How love is related to happiness?

Amina Jamil
For me, love is when I feel unconditional warmth and tenderness toward myself and/or another person, and in some cases, yes that brings me happiness.
Happiness can show up in ways where love is never even a factor—it can be waking up to a sunny day
Happiness can really mean anything you choose, whether it involves love or not.