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What's your very first memory?

lankylevi’s Profile PhotoLevi
Meeting my sister for the very first time. I don’t remember a damn thing prior to the moment the nurse yelled at me. I’ve also confirmed that “what I remember” is pretty much completely accurate.

Do you believe in the concept of a "best friend," and if so, what does it mean to you?

uthman_raza’s Profile PhotoUthman♥️
Nah, I don’t trust that shit. My last “best friend” was the side chick in my relationship for 5 months, then ended up having a baby with him a year and a half ish later. The third to our trio ended up just going off and doing their own thing. You don’t need a “best friend”.

Why am I so attracted to "gangsta" sort of guys lol

Anonaslut’s Profile PhotoAnonaslut
Because for what ever reason, that’s what seems to attract. I do promise you tho, you have very low chances of finding any type of love from boys like that. For every good one, there’s 15 shitty ones and that ONE good one so won’t be worth the drama and bullshit everyone else will put you through.

Are you mentally and emotionally stable or unstable?

karimbasimi’s Profile PhotoKarim
I’m dealing with a massive case of PPD right now. This questions self explanatory.

What kinds of things do you like to do for fun?

I buy a bunch of pre drawn canvases and paint one every night before bed. It’s a nice way to spend some much needed me time, but I can also relax. The yellows were a complete fail and I hate them, but I’m actually quite happy with this for something that went no where near planned.
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Who wants to tell me a secret?

My mother in law got drunk and announced my pregnancy before we were ready to and she doesn’t know we know.


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