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Anyone else hate the rain? It hasn’t stopped all day and my dogs won’t go outside 🙃

I love full days of rain

What do you want for Christmas? 🤶🌳

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
Every year I ask for the of year holiday Barbie. But this year is like some self care things or a gift certificate to get my nails or hair done. PPD is a real thing and I haven’t felt like this is a looooong time.

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oliviaisthequeen69’s Profile Photoolivia
Kiddo, I promise you it’s a lot easier than you think. Stop being lazy and trying to take a free ride. Take your time and actually try.

What’s up everyone

arishaloulos1’s Profile PhotoAris
Cleaning house now that I’m not sick. Being sick with a 1 week old is rough, being sick with a 1 week old and not being able to keep up on house work is hell.
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Would you have coffee or make breakfast.

Usually I have coffee for breakfast but lately I’ve been actually making breakfast

Have you ever moved on from your long term relationship? If so how? If not, then how long has it been since you left or were left behind?

RedMoon117’s Profile PhotoJade Bacolong
I mentally left the relationship probably close to 8 months before things ended so I’m probably not the best person to be able to answer this question.

Does height matter in a relationship

Justjay59’s Profile PhotoBluedv4
I have a rule. If I am taller than you in heels, its 100% a deal breaker. And that should say a lot because I’m only like 5’6 in heels.


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