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queen Elizabeth has died. May she rest in peace, but it's time to abolish the ridicilous institution of kingdom forever. It costs millions of pounds for the taxpayers to maintain some sponging inbreeding nincompoops. that what i think.

As a Republican [actual] not the US version,
I broadly agree with you
still, the word is I'm in the frame to take over...
Queen Máire 1 has a ring to it, don't ya think ?
queen Elizabeth has died May she rest in peace but its time to abolish the
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Máire Ní Einstein, you're not going to say. are you 😂😂😂

dermotoo’s Profile PhotoDermot
tbh 'advisor' is a WEE bit pretentious,
the gig involves political parties hiring people to submit ideas/opinions for potential policy formation,
they usually look for people in the Academic world [wrong approach imo]
I submitted stuff ages ago and cos they like it I got more work.
It's a bit of extra cash but actually not the Greens tho as I said I get to meet a lot of the people in politics so I do know some of the Greens for sure,
The way things have panned out I have been retained by one of the parties to submit policy proposals to them but can't say on here !!!!!
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Would u go hiking to Samaria gorge in Crete? (18km long)

I would and I have.
I've been there maybe 5 times, I think.
It is one of my favourite places , though with the heat, the hiking can be really tough , knowing at the end there is a nice taverna with a view over the Med
well that helps!
Would u go hiking to Samaria gorge in Crete 18km long

How handy would you say that you are? Like, would you know how to unclog a drain, defrost a freezer etc. if the situation called for it? 🛠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
very 'handy' Tobbe
when duty calls....
omg yes I've unclogged a few drains in my time!
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Per chi mi vuole conoscere lascio il mio numero

gurijdm78’s Profile Photogurki20
i applaud your approach
but on this particular platform
I suspect that may lead to trouble, just sayin

What is your actual job?

elley1234567’s Profile PhotoellaTheendbye
That's a very good question.
ATM what you might call a tutor [ that involves meeting undergrads and discussing their assignments] and I get some part time work as an 'advisor' to a political party on social policy issues.
My huge ambition is to get an actual lecturing post .ANYWHERE !!!!!

it has finally limped home: England's women team won the european championship in July :)

Football's Limped Home!
Has a ring to it ...
Judging by the surnames of the players most of them are Irish anyways!

wow. are u a counsellor? thats great. u might have a bright carrer in politics. is it your intention?

just an advisor on policy matters in a specific area
yes at home in England I would love to enter politics
I may go home soon and if so will join Labour in my area

if u got caught by drinking alcohol at your workplace, would it mean the end of your career?

no in short
there is alcohol available in our staff room lol
but obvs not while working which I'm sure is what you meant
we don't have tests yet for alcohol or other drugs but it may be a part of future contracts

Liz Truss --> She'ss jusst, good rhyme, isnt it?

lol , well not even that ....let's see
There was a gobshite called Truss
who threw us all under the bus
married to O Leary
she made the Irish weary
but as always with us...no fuss!
Nobel Prize for Literature beckons methinks!


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