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very touching and thought-provoking pics from the 80s Liverpool. ever from here in mid-eu. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/arts-culture-news/photographer-who-captured-true-heart-15601283 today it's different. Wasnt it the same as Newcastle?

those pics are a superb piece of social/cultural history for sure
the faces of the people are so evocative
pretty much the same
great river cities , the Tyne and the Mersey
reasonably similar size population
both combine beautiful architecture with 1960's brutalist buildings
both friendly people and great football clubs
specially the Toon lol
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Heading home for Easter break, to all my lovely friends and followers on here, if you celebrate Easter have a verry happy one, if not just have a good time anyways....thank you all for the great questions and having the craic, even my trolls and detractors take a break before we resume hostilities 🤣

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Heading home for Easter break to all my lovely friends and followers on here if

Worn tights lately?

actually no,
by Irish standards it's been quite warm recently,
skirt or leggings and my skechers recently

Would you rather be a cog or a pawn?

those words have a semantic symbiosis ,
it would depend on which particular meaning is on offer before I could answer.

Oh how boring your questions must be, Why don’t you get any good questions anymore¿ and how dare they! Why certainly must they not know already the answer to your most intresting question!! of course you don’t ware any!’ (salmon);

axe_8564’s Profile PhotoColm gallagher
aw ok ya got me,
the most interesting questions are usually ones soliciting my views on Hungarian or American politics and sometimes sex...
how are things in one of the few counties I have yet to visit btw?
Is it possible to have afternoon tea at Lissadell House ? , I'd love to visit and experience what inspired Yeats.
Oh how boring your questions must be Why dont you get any good questions anymore

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