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What's the worst thing about being single? 👀

Dan_Yal’s Profile PhotoDanyal ツ
Jo meri wja ha vo sbki same toh ni hogi and I don't know k generally logo ka kya answer ho ispy
But for me:
•Koi ha nhi jisky sth apny gham share kr k bojh hlka kr sku ya apni responsibilities ko partner k sth divide kr k thora easy ho sku.
•Koi ha nhi fikr krny wla aur kehny wla k khana kha lo thnda ho jyga, bhuki rh jaogi km zor ho jaogi. Exams ma grm doodh ka glass de aur sar massage kr k motivate kry k I am always by your side. (Usually grm doodh and sar massage logo ki mayein krti ha but I am living is hostel so ama idhr ha ni. And life k is stage p after being so independent, burhay parents p depend krny ki bijaye ak achy life partner ki zrurt hoti ha jo waqei Queen bna k rkhy)
• Mujhy properly understand krny wla and mery dreams ko complete krny ma meri help krny wla koi nhi.

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Isn't the "30% child, 70% teenager" falls into the child category?

Sanyan567’s Profile Photoمحمد ثنیان
Haha how does it fall in child wesy??
By the way vo bio mujhy update kiye huy 2 years ho gy ha. Ab wsy b I am no more a teenager and no more a child
Time changed a lot of things
Bs I was inactive on askfm from last one year so kuch b update ni kia just jb mood hua tb open kr leti hu app

I like a person, should I tell him about it or just let it go?

If you feel like telling him is beneficial and would work for you in the right way then go ahead and tell but if you think that telling him is risky and disadvantages are more than advantages then simply let it go.
Ask yourself deep within not from your heart! Because heart misguides often.

What's a place you've always wanted to visit but haven't had the chance to yet?

ateebvirk’s Profile PhotoAteeb Virk
Taj Mahal 😍😍 Just look at this place. It's beautiful 😍
Taj Mahal is on my list since I was in class 2 and I had a chapter in my Urdu book which was about various attractive mahals of past kings. It included the Taj Mahal as well.
The way that writer described the beauty of the Taj Mahal in that book, it just captured my attention.
But my bad luck is that I am a Pakistani and Taj Mahal is in India 🥹 I don't know when will I get the chance to visit Taj Mahal in my life.
Whats a place youve always wanted to visit but havent had the chance to yet

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Thoughts rn 💭

AzkaTariq4342’s Profile Photoazca
At this point of time in my life, I realized that love is INVESTMENT.
Investment of time
Investment of emotions
Investment of feelings
Investment of the present moment of your life
It is an investment, with a dream of attaining a better life in future with the partner.
Agr investment na kro toh love hota hi ni. Investment k bger love ni attraction hoti ha, crush hota ha, like hota ha.
If anyone doesn't agree. Proof me wrong ♥️
14 Oct 23
03:14 am

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MohammadAliAkbar786’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Ali Akbar
Posting today's answer after a year. 12th Oct 23
There was a time when I used to be the Queen of Askfm.
(Those who were in contact with me, I hope you all remember me)
1. There was a time when I got bluetick.
2. I used to be on the number one list from the list of Pakistan for coin exchange.
3. I used to get 99+ notifications daily after every two hours.
4. There was a time when I found few people on Askfm, whom I met also later in real life.
5. My whole life story changed from this platform and then the girl whose day didn't start or ended without using Askfm, she left Askfm.
Today life is different. Those people aren't anymore in my life.
That teenage girl has grown to become an adult. She has learnt many lessons and grown very strong. In these few years she collected many memories, gained a lot as well as lost those who were once the most precious one.
Askfm you really changed my life. MY REAL LIFE!
کیا ہی درد بیان کرے ، وفادار ہم کہاں تھے کیا ہجر یار ملال کرے ، آشنا ہم کہاں تھے

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