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Tuan Ain Najwa
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Do you pick and choose your friends?

Sometimes yea

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Are you allergic to anything?

Allergic to some bitches

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Kakq aq ajk lepak rumoh len kli.. Mu kn suke budok hehe..

Hahaha yela lain kli ada masa aku gi. Tido gih tidooooo

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Esk nk gi jln mner lop? Meh aq bwk.. Hehe

Eleh pahtu janji kul 9, kul 9.30 baru sampai 😏

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Selamat hari raya

Tak raya lg wei

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Wow blog updated eh? Wkwkwk

Yup as you can see. Hahaha hey kenapa semua orang suka jadi anonymous ni!! Kan disable anon questions kan haha tp cam tahu je sape brtanye ni, sbb org tu dah spam chatbox blog i

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hi ain :-) i cari ur blog punya comment box. you disable kan ia eh? nak comment :(

hi :) ni siapa eh? yup i disable-kan sbb haritu ada problem sikit dengan coding.

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hye why did you stop blogging :(

nah, didnt stop blogging just well..really dont have so much time to update :.:

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So, you're going to stop caring for someone who doesn't appreciate good things from you?


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How are you?

who are you

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Are you feeling well?

What did you do to show that you care for someone?

randomly showed that i was care but after this, maybe not anymore. cus sometimes ppl dont really appreciate good things we done to them

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Can u ask me a question?

shut up

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One plus one might not equal to two

i am soooo sure that you are not so genius

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feeling annoyed by me?


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any motivation for me in studying? 'coz I feel lazy

open ur books & stop asking me questions

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got extra cat? I want one

dont have any

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type of person you hate?

annoying to the hell

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Hi! I followed you. Can you please like my best friend's video and maybe subscribe? It would mean a lot if you helped. The link is in my bio x


will do.

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Do You Read The Bible?

Ruben Kirk

because you never know if I am a girl or a boy

Do you consider it more important to be liked or respected? Why?

Kieran Phillips

i think both cus people who like you will respect u

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Kadang kita letih dengan urusan dunia, hingga terlupa dunia tempat berpenat akhirat tempat berehat.


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Are you in dilemma?


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