Ask @prinsehoon:

menurut lo sehun cocok sama cewek yg kayak gimana?

cewek cantik tp sederhana, someone who has a pure smile, bukan idol, tipe muka yg adem2 gt, rambutnya panjang, kulitnya putih pucet, tinggi sekitar 170an, yg ngemong bgt gitukan soalnya sehun suka manja2, yg gak jaim terus gak rempong, yg bisa seru2an sm dia, yg gemesin apalagi kl lg jeles, trs cewek yg sayang bgt sama dia yg beneran bikin dia nyaman trs apa2 curhat sm ceweknya bikin dia ngeluarin sisi kepribadiannya yg org gatau.
HAhahaha gambaran pacar sehun menurut gue ya yg bisa senyum tulus gt ke dia trs put such attention on him biarpun keliatannya dia gak merhatiin sekalipun. Tapi, ya, balik lagi ke Sehun sendiri. Kalo end up dia pacaran sm siapa gt nantinya, I do support him. As long as his happy, i'll happy too. Cuma sejauh ini belum dapet idol yg bisa di pair sama dia sih... masih bingung.

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Dear Sehun

my dearest Oh Sehun,
It's silly, right? Loving somebody who doesn't even know you're breathing in the same world as he does. But, i just did.
Maybe you doesn't even know my name, doesn't even know where i am, and doesn't even know i'm exist. But, i'm grateful to know you and I feel no regret since the day when I choose you as my bias.
I just love you as my bias. But, day by day, it changes. Now I'm in unconditionally in love with you. The you who always look adorable, the you who love bubble tea that much, the you who love to licking your lips, the you who make everybody fall for you.
You're the most adorable person who i ever seen. You are such a cutie pie who love all your hyungs with all your heart, the one who cried for your group, you really that sweet. A hardworking person who want to improve his skills and doesn't even care too much what haters talk about, it's just give him an advice to push more and more, until he doing great right now.
I want you to talk more, I want to hear your voice more. Please don't be shy in shows, just comfort yourself as possible and you can make it.
You're such lovable person who always make my day brighter, who always make my life happier, and who always inspired me to being myself and don't listen to all the bad sentences that people talk about me and live my life for my things that i love. You're precious.
I wish you to always healthy and all good wishes for you. Please be happy and shine even more for me, a strangers that you called fans. I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow unconditionally.

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