Ask @prodeeboy:

What do you do when someone, usually, a relative comes to you only when he/she needs something from you? There are those who are close relatives & there are those whom you've never even hung out with. The forms & levels of "assistance" vary, ex. cash/kind:close rel & connections/hookups:unclose.

I distanced myself from such relatives. Now, there's a voodoo spell somewhere...

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what do you do in parties? im a freshman college girl and my blockmates badly want to tag me along whenever they go to bars... how to dress up, what should i do when i step in the bar, pcs of advice pls thanks!!!

Gurl, you have fun. But you should also be responsible. Dress up? Depends on the place, but dress up in whatever you're comfortable with. What should you do once you step inside? SMIZE!

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