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‎🔹هـیچ شـتـێک ،،، ‎هـێنـدەی " سادەیی " مـرۆڤـەکـان لای یەکدی ‎شیرین ناکـات ... ‎🔹هـیچ شـتێکیش ،،، ‎هـێندەی " لێبوردەیی " مرۆڤەکـان لای یەکدی ‎گەورە نـاکات... ‎🔹هـیچ شـتێکیش ،،، ‎هـێندەی " گرنگـی پـێدان " مرۆڤـەکان لای یەکدی ‎خـۆشەویسـت ناکات ...

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breaking news: lyon is a catfish and kyson's behind the account hahahahahahahahahaha i'm screaming

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who do u love the most in this world?

honestly? my boyfriend. yeah, it sounds ridiculous and although our relationship isn't perfect (nobody's is) we connect in a way that nobody else can. our humour, goals, etc all either align or balance with one another perfectly and i swear to you i couldn't ask for a better partner. he's so goddamn patient with me and i'm just so thankful for my man

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