Ask @pupp1266:

How do you behave yourself with people you don't like?

if im in a good mood, i do pretty good at ignoring them or at least PRETENDING to like them ... but in a bad mood?? it’s over i will be rolling my eyes and being noticably uninterested. i don’t do it on purpose and i really do TRY to be nice to everyone, but there’s a reason they’re labeled as the people who i DON’T like.

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If you could be the leader of your country, what would you change?

i would neverrrr want to be president, but there are a ton of things i would want to change. i don’t think all of them are exactly obtainable and obviously everyone deserves their say (a vote) so really im not sure how much i could get done. i known this totally dodged the question but uhhh not trying to get political here 👍🏻

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