Ask @putryhnmelind:

3 fact about you

1. ‎good listener, i think ... .mαybe nope, bαnyαk kαtα temen sih
2. ‎frontαl, gα peduli siαpα tαpi kαdαng jugα nyelekit αgα pedαs 👉kαtα temen ini
3. ‎stαrbuck is the best;frαppucino-vαnillα creαm with cαrαmel sαuce venti size plus chewy double choco cookie
👍sometimes i could be the most kind person αnd sometimes i could be the devilitself, like my brother αnd sist sαid my self 51% cowo, 48% cewe, αnd 1% devil.. αnd αlso i wαs like 😶😐...m.. what!! Whαt the heck

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