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Why do people mistake loneliness for love? 👀

Huvaida’s Profile PhotoWhoWayThe.
There's no love in this generation.
Everything is just LUST these days. People don't even meet in real life. They see each other online, if the other one is sexy, they start to call it love. At least meet each other face to face. the decide whether it is love or you just find them sexy.
I have been there too. It's hard to not fall in this trap. BUT I REALIZED THAT ALL THIS IS'NT LOVE.

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Why do people mistake loneliness for love

What’s the dumbest way you have been injured…?👀✨

jawariaiqbal3’s Profile PhotoJairi :)
I have a good one.
My Friend was batting. I for some reason decided to go tickle his waist on the next ball he face, as he was very sensitive to tickle. Mein us ki taraf bhaaga jab wuh next ball k liye bat ghumanay laga, ball to miss hogayi but balla mery sar py aa k laga or MERA SAR PHATT GAYA. I lost almost one litre of blood XDDDD... 😂😂😂

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