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How pleased are you with yourself rn and where you are in life?

Daenforcer’s Profile Photokasiem
I'm making it the best it is and will be. Asking you now the same question... ???

What’s the craziest thing you have done out of jealousy?

Compare myself to another woman and made fake phone numbers to text that other person some offensive messages

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Why is everybody giving me crap for having a kid with my Mom‘s brothers daughter

Sweetheart, that's your first cousin. That child will be special 🥺

What's the longest you can talk to someone before you start getting annoyed? 😂

jessedempsey’s Profile PhotoJesse Dempsey
If I'm interested in someone, we can talk for hours about nothing in particular or just listen to one another breathe
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Why do women ask men to do something. And then get mad when we do it?

Because most of the time, you don't do it right.

Can a Man without money make a woman happy in a relationship

SWEET_SOLO’s Profile PhotoIamsoe
He can, but money is a necessity to providing a comfortable lifestyle..overall health because if you're doing it all alone, you're stressing your mind and body, you want to be happy....but you also want someone who can bring something to the table and contribute to your household

Describe your favorite room in your house. Why is it your favorite? What would you change about it?

Warm combination of light and dark. It's my favorite because it allows my privacy and it's serene. I wouldn't change a thing about it.


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