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accountancy at magtetake na niyan ng board this Oct.

Wow! God bless sa board exam in the future!! It was my dream to become a CPA but I guess may ibang plans si Lord for my life 😊
My answer for that question is based on two assumptions. #1, if you are family oriented, it is best to stay in PH and work while studying masteral for additional credits. Or if you are an independent gal, you can work abroad and study at the same time. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Hihi but personally, i prefer working muna here in PH bcoz acctng principles are different abroad. Working here can make a you a master of our own PFRS and it will make you appreciate the diversity of acctng principles when the time comes that you will work abroad.
+2 answers in: “what should I choose mag work abroad or continue sa pag-aaral?”

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Crush kaya ako ng crush ko?

Hahahaha try asking him/her? But prepare for the rejection. Part of life hehe. But love is taking risk.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

No. That is merely what we call attraction. Love for me is something more deep. It grows from a bond, sharing your life with another person, knowing him/her personally. Love takes time.
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Carissa Mahwe Mendez Leop
Oct 16, 1996
Dog 🐕
Chickeeeen Joy hahaha ambot sukad pa jud nis sauna ba hahahahahahaha
Chinese garter hahahaha i played a lot ana when I was in elem mahugaw na gud akoang medyas hahahahaha
No specific movie basta ky i like romcoms hihi

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