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Dont care about haters they dont know who is real cause if they do they want say those stuff babe always smile always show them that u dont care u have good heart and good smile i too love her i really love selena soo much she always make me smile she have beautiful soul and amazing heart ilymxx 💕

Rnooma Cutie Queen
Luv ya so much

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She isnot that real selena @RealzSelenaGomez

Then who do you think is the real Selena Gomez? Cause @RealzSelenaGomez is real and she is my bestie for life

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Why you keep lieing to the people thats not selena gomez

What do u mean? @RealzSelenaGomez is the real Selena

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Hey! Btw follow the real Selena Gomez! @Realselenagomez2017

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You're beautiful

Thank u

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Follow @Realselenagomez2017
She is the real Selena Gomez I promise

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What are your plans for the fall?

I don't know

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Menna Adel
Still single

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Aw why no profile photos?

Not telling but u can follow me on my new account which is @yourmyforever2017

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Things melts your heart that men do ?

Why ma crush nervosly turn back and or walk quickly when she sees me from a distant ...sometimes also hide her face ?? Any explanation for that btw she totally know am in to her .

Lol 😇

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do you follow any of these cute boys ;; which one do you think is cutest ? ; @Austintag1ous or @john_senn or @ricky2016x

no not anymore

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What makes you happy?

everyone on earth

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I love you💖

selena gomez
Awwwww i ❤️ U more lol
How are u

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Yep... Did ya see it yet?


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Oh well uh if u go on my page you'll see what tae sent me


I thought u said u read what tae sent me... U did see it right? I think tae ended it between us

Maybe I read the wrong thing cause I have absolutely no idea about what u are talking about

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I just wish it didnt have to be over for me and taelina, but now that im with kylie again is cool cuz she also made me happy

What do u mean over?! Did something happen?

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Nah is cool sweetie no need to be sorry

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