Old stuffs, but the recent events made me re-think about it : what do you think about Kyratzes stance on identity politics ?

jonas is a classic manarchist: that is, someone who identifies himself as having radical politics, but can only see along those axes of oppression that affect him personally. meaning: not sexism, not heterosexism, not cissexism. the manarchist lacks an intersectional view or the willingness to be taught one. in fact, he thinks that because he's radical he's above criticism on the subject. i've met a thousand dudes like this, that's why we have a name for them.
their rationalization is usually something like "when the revolution comes and the workers are finally freed, everyone will be free! so stop distracting us with petty matters like our own sexism." the truth is that a movement that doesn't include and value the contributions and criticisms of women will never destroy the patriarchy, a movement that doesn't include people of color will never produce a non-racist society, a movement that doesn't include queer and trans people will never produce a society where queer and trans people are free. no one is free unless we all are free.
"identity politics" is a really dismissive term for the idea that people have a right to bodily autonomy, that it should be you and not your oppressors who decide who you are and what you're called. it should be obvious what place that has in any revolution.

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