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guys:randy, kyko, jacob, huy, and.... bryant
girls:that one girl <3, tiffany, my therapists,sarah and Crystal dont really care about to many girls right now haha
and they arent in any order so dont get butt hurt
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r u geting back with courtney?

i really really really want to but if she dosent want to then i cant really force her to sooo idk yet ????

Anonymously ur a little bitch for always being scared of gettin pussy hahahah fuckn faggggggggg get a pair of balls and get a girl andd stay da fuck out of others shit u little bitch idgaf if u can fight and shit .. That doesnt intmidate me .... ill still fuck u up hahahaha clack clack mutha fucker

someones a little bitch for not telling this to my face grow up bro if you think your so hard fight me and stay outta my shit cause you obviously cant say it to me if your doing it :P

lets hang out again !

sdempsey’s Profile PhotoSarah Dempsey
well i cant really cause well im kinda busy like most of the time soooo maybe like a weekend when i dont have anything to do u can pick me up and take me somewhere if i have money haha so your like paying for eveything haha :)


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