I don’t know if you and cailey are friends but you need to stand up for her and put a stop to this creep @@notinzxynv2 flirting with her he’s 20 and she’s 16, if you were her friend once you still need to defend her

you sent me this 8 different times homie ya it’s fkn disgusting and if that was my sister I’d bash his head in but I’m not getting involved in just trying to chill before going out lmao

sending urself questions 🙄

aight ngga bet you fkn wish i would i dont even use this rtarded ass app I only fkn reactivated it to say happpy birthday you dumb fck so come off anon ya but a mf batch told me who it was and its someone teddy cant fkn stand now I’m pissed because a btch is back none of us likes and i have you being dumb as sht now let me enjoy california in peace