lmaOo i forgot i have my notifs off for this app but why tf aren’t u in my CITY doe

Let’s see because I don’t know where that is and now my flight is today but tomorrow aka Sunday I don’t know when you’re seeing this

ur leaving so fast already what th FUCK

I gotta get back to work so I can say f u and go back to Miami because you know what I’m sick of ugly as fck people’s dogs and cats hating me when I’m just trying to do my job and I’m currently at the gayest party in existence

weLL i hate using ask so when u stop bein a brat my twitter is postdeth ,,, i’m always there nvr here thx

you see you should’ve caught me a few weeks ago before the twitter got suspended I don’t even know why

just make a new one i

aight I’m gonna make my @ annieisfake and use it for a total of 43 hours then forget about it because I’m mad about my real twitter

thank u hehe dm me when u do it <3

You caught me on a good time because I’m no longer in my bruno mood and I’m a few drinks in but California has such whack ass Uber drivers I’ve been needing to rate them 1 stars

iM GNA SLEEP btw gn i’ll talk to u if u don’t disappear

Ok you granny