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Never really got anywhere with you because April was a lie. I really thought you’d change. I really thought you did change. There’s no way you’re my twin flame cause you’re not like me at all.

I’m not

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How can people hate life? I'm genuinely interested to know.

walkingfable’s Profile PhotoRae
The events they go through and thoughts they have about themself and the world

I said I want to work on things with you. Like fr. Yes or no

No. Idk what I want or who I am or what is happening. Everything is getting turned upside down or something

She doesn't like me back but likes another guy. It sucks. Ever been rejected by someone you really like?

Yeah. It sucks.

It's all over for me. 😔

I feel the exact same way rn. It makes me wonder what else I’m being blind to

Heyyy why do you always ignore meeee.... I only get an hour on the computer a week when they let me in the prison library. it hurts so much not getting a response :'(((

You got this my dude.


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