Ask @quirkzter:

Which one would you rather have .. a lifetime of nightmares evey night or a lifetime of it being almost impossible to even fall asleep no matter how tired you are?

already experiencing the latter so i’ll go with that, well... while insomnia is a cruel thing, that is actually a bit of a hard question— when i lie awake at night my imagination takes me places that are not far from nightmares. perhaps if this question means that i would get sleep (albeit disturbing) perhaps that would be a nice change up.

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what was the most unusual way somebody became acquainted with you

my ex best friend . i think i was like 10, she was just like,,,, kinda bouncing up and down? but like . idk like bending her knees down her feet didn’t leave the floor and i joined her and we were both lonely bitches and so i think it was me that was like “so we’re best friends now?”

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does everyone find love?? do you think someone is out there just for you??

honestly ? yeah, everyone can find love. but some people are too locked up and struggling to find themselves. so the person waiting for them waits and waits and doesn’t get anybody, and if the first person finally saves themselves it’s too late, their love is gone. i sure hope there’s someone still out there for me.

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What are your favorite subjects to talk about?

mental health and social issues, and music + fame i guess? besides music being my passion and fame being my deepest desire, i really like talking about issues in the world. i like discussing how to handle them and the politics of it all because it gives me hope that one day after talking about all of this so much that i’ll be able to help people.

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What crimes deserve the death penalty?

none of them. death is man’s biggest fear, and you could bring up the fact that if people commit suicide how bad can it be etc. but people who commit suicide don’t want death; they want an end to the pain. i don’t think death is ever necessary. not even in return for death. rehabilitation and therapy is key, even if it’s for life.

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