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What's the most vexing thing in the world?

Muhammad Usama
For the longest of times into adulthood we carry the experiences from childhood. Like a mild electric shock makes you cautious of every electric switch. Similarly, we understand love the way we receive it. I only learned how to receive too little and give too much, how to always wait, how to always apologise first, and be regretful of words. Now, with you I don't know what to do with the excess of love, how to respond to vulnerable messages, how to continue conversations. It will take me a long while to unlearn that it wasn't love, but till then I will only recognise the love that is cold, reserved and unrequited.
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Post something beautiful

Abdullah Sajid
There’s this one episode in Grey’s anatomy where this really old lady dies in the arms of her very old husband. They are crinkly and bald and so, so in love. And I cry watching that episode every single time. Because love like that exists, it lasts a lifetime and its powerful and intimate. No one now thinks about that kinda love anymore. I find myself everyday so hung up on a person whose bare minimum efforts, like texting me back, sweeps the ground from below me. Bare minimum has become equivalent to riding on a horse in the dusk, to standing outside the balcony with a banner of i love yous, to making playlist of all the songs you would’ve want to dance to after 3 in the morning, to holding hands and walking into the sunsets. And it breaks my heart that showing any type of emotions is humiliating now. Everyone is so busy protecting themselves that no one is willing to do anything, anymore. None of us will die old and wrinkly in the arms of someone who knows us through and through, who decides to love us through and through. But, no- self-esteem is more important, keep doing bare minimum.
Not having emotions does not make you brave. It's feelings that makes you human after all.

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