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How do you feel about losing followers on social media? Does it ever feel hurtful?

I don’t know this is the closest thing to social media I have
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How do you feel about missed opportunities?

Jesse should have said she’s just some skank when asked by Heisenberg

Deep down I just want summer to start tomorrow 😭😭😭😭😭

I think they would probably fuck up a lot of crops probably a lot of wild life would die too man that might screw the whole entire world over

Do you have enough friends, or do you wish you had more?

Pretty shitty. My tent gave out and a bunch of water came in because it was raining. I just got done at the laundromat I’m cold and I’m hungry.

Say something nice about your ex.

Tay, helped me learn a lot about myself and showed me some really important lessons that made me a better person.
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Someone at a bar buys you a drink… what do you order?

What you normally drink? Don’t be a dick and order the most expensive thing. It probably tastes like poop anyway.


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