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Watch out for a lone ant walking around the floor at my house. Then quickly get some sugar and place it on the floor next to the ant. As expected of course, the ant will astern to its family and tell them about the sugar, so they can help him carry it back home. Then, right after the ant takes off, take the sugar away, so now the ant is a liar :')

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Her eyes ❤🙌🏻

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I saw her in a Broadway car,
The woman I might grow to be;
I felt my lover look at her
And then turn suddenly to me..
Her hair was dull and drew no light,
And yet its color was as mine;
Her eyes were strangely like my eyes
Tho' love had never made them shine..
Her body was a thing grown thin,
Hungry for love that never came;
Her soul was frozen in the dark
Unwarmed forever by love's flame..
I felt my lover look at her,
And then turn suddenly to me;
His eyes were magic to defy
The woman I shall never be..

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Why don't you reply to the anonymous questions? You answered that you don't talk to people here but you don't reply to the anonymous questions too. You are a liar miss. :')

I do reply to the ones with my name specified, or are too plain to see that they're precisely for me. Otherwise they're just shoutouts or solely staifs imo.

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I did break up with the girl I used to love the most and I still love her , I still have very very strong feelings for her and everyday I end up getting hurt and thinking about her...we are in long distance so! Should I try more to move on !? What's your advice , Please someone serious!?

Anything can rollback in life apart from life loss. Retrace your steps towards her and fix what you broke, make things right while you still have time before you miss the boat. <3


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