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Let all my happiness be yours, all your sadness be mine. Let the whole world be yours, only you be mine. I love you more than love itself can offer and I promise to love you a little bit more every day. Will you be mine RABIYA? 💍💘 (plz don't reply sarcastically)

Not that I don't appreciate your words - I really do. But this can't happen, I'm sorry. I really think that I would not be able to reciprocate your attention. You're sweet though.✨ Bless you! x

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Rabiya what does you cherish alot?

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This might sound a little vague, for I do not have something material to cherish upon to. I cherish the hearty smile and the mighty laugh above everything. To me, happiness and contentment has become that thing in life for which I would work for the rest of my life :)

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