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How have you been

if i was gone would anyone miss me. I only feel complete when you kiss me. But these days you barely miss me. I wanna blend in but society doesn't fit me. I just wanna sit and talk with someone who'd listen. Someone help me out wit dis shit dat ive been in. Cuz im not the one whose kissing and telling, fucking misspelling melting, mistreating, heart barely beating, im fucking leaving. Getting outa here cuz i deserve better. He wants to use me again but i should know better but my heart wants more of the pain he gives me. seriously tho is anyone listening. Ive been running so long, my feet are blistering. I see your eyes beautifully glistening bit i know its a trap cause your smile says differently. you draw near like it's alright but in the end you just wanna fight. Please help me out if you care bout my life. Cuz everynight i find myself in a low place with a knife and i am just filled with this rlly deep strife that one day i might just snap and end my life

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I’m done With all of this stress
I don’t think I can live anymore
every night I find my self
in the same place as before
with a gun and no one to care for me
And one of these days I might just snap and fuckin end it
But that day ain’t today and it shouldn’t be yours
All I need is the love and affection you gave me before
Before everything went to hell
I thought my life was the best
But then you ran off and left
I don’t know what to do no more
I thought you were the one
I can’t trust you again
Because In the end you’d jus hurt me some more
Im done with the excuses
I gotta get stronger
I gotta find away to get over him
I gave you the chances
I thought you have change
but the result was the same
The same as before
You went with that girl
All she did was use you
But you thought it was love
But when she left you
You tried to come back to me
but this time I was stronger
and said no you jus wanted the money
you didn’t even care
Everything you said was fake
Almost as fake as you
But the part that hurt the most
is you lying sayin you love me
When obviously you jus love the money

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