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I miss you 😩

who is this

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how was your day?


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Best guy friends

Brandon Linscott

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why were you up at 4 is the real question

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pap of snapchat bestfriends

I did this yesterday

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pap of snapchat bestfriends

Tbh you're a pretty funny person and we have some pretty interesting talks, and our class is pretty dope

Zach LeBrun

thank you and trueeee

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The first thing to your left is your weapon in the zombie apocalypse. What is it?


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Tbh- you seem really nice. We've talked once. We should text more often. And you're really pretty. Hmu. 💕

eileen :)

yes we should and thank you!

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Tbh I don't really know you but you seem alright. You complimented my shoes one time so that was cool 😂😎

Nate Grandmaison

true and yeah I remember that 😂

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tbh// we don't really talk, but you're really pretty, and I remember playing softball & soccer w you way back 😊


thank you, you are too! and we were really little 😂

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pap of best friend

Tbh; I saw you like once last year and you seem pretty chill

thank you!

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tbh you're really really really pretty😍 and we should sc sometime😊

Jolene Griffin

thank youuu! ☺️ you are too and yes we should!

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tbh ur a chill turkey

chill turkey?!? but thanks

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pap likers think you're attractive

nah but here's one w Brandon

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Pap of booty

no that's for Brandon only

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