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leaving twitter was the best thing to happen to me...yeah justin is my favorite singer but i realized how much i was really missing out on in real life....you can still like him but i realized i was doing it obsessively.

yaaaa that fufu lame shit i ain't wid it
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I understand why you and Sally and Tobi left. And it makes sense tbh. I wish you all the best!


i hate how ppl are always talking abt selena i mean she has her cunt moments but lately every woman other than selena justin has been with he has screwed him over and broken them to pieces. its sad to see him treat girls like this but i guess thats all he knows because of jeremy

idek what's been happening in his life so i can't comment

Lol you are cute! Hope everythings good for you, dont mind these people some of them are way too scared to leave justin bc they wont know what to do with their lifes. They dont know its a whole another real world behind the computers. And a good amount of air besides their room smell

lmaooo too true

i know u dont care but i find it kind of sad that he loves this girl and all she is doin is taking advantage of her but it dont matter no way because his career is over and using him for publicity is no use and her career has been a fail so they'll prob overdose together atleast he has some1 i guess


Extremely loud and incredibly close is sooooo good. It's kinda confusing though but I really liked it!

I've seen the movie but I want to read the book!!

do you think he will never find another woman to love and etc

ksdfjksdjkdsj I don't knooooooow nor do I caaaare

So uhh i should prepare tissues shit i knew it, and ansel is the cutest thing ever im not ready

yes omg I was like "I won't need tissues smh..." and I am so lucky I found one in my bag lol

i saw the tfios movie w my friend and the movie was sold out yet i was the only one crying and people were staring..and acting like i was ruining the movie

omg really?! my whole theatre was bawling

i wish there were more teen romances in theaters...i love tfios but i hate that only old people are in romance movies.....

aren't there like a million teen romances in theatres?

why it made you a different person?

oh i was just sad about it and everything for like 2 days afterwards

Whats better book or the movie?

they're both equally as good imo. the movie was great because Ansel truly made Gus come to life

Are you serious? Omg im going to watch it tomorrow for the first time asdjd but the book is the best, john green is a genius uhh what is my life

ahhh you're going to cry, I don't usually cry in movies but I deadass bawled

Tfios is life. Lets watch the movie

IT REALLY IS. the movie actually made me a different person for 2 whole days..

i heard u tlk abt thirteen reasons book before u kno the whole selena getting the role thing and i dnt know im weird i just randomly thought about that...is that book any good?

ohh I started to read that online and it pissed me off because of how it was written and idk if it was because it was online or what but it was terribly confusing and I thought the concept was dumb to begin with but that's just me


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