Ask @rahulbeer9:

The girl u go out with i searched can't find bt their is something in the smile i have never seen some1 with that smile and that thing in her you going out with her? If no i will dm let me know how to find and where it will be big help on your side

Bruh, thanks for the appreciation but she has been my girl since 3yrs now... And tbh your damn cheesy...

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you smart , wait i am gona vomit.

I think a person sees an anon's profile if he finds him ATTRACTIVE, SMART or HOT! sees all of his previous answers and den asks him a stupid question thinking ki "Katta karta hun abhi saale ka".
So I think dats what is happening wid ne ryt now. Now do u still need more clarification? or want to see ma reaction? :/

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Choose ur Valentine 2015 - Vardha , kamya , mansi , udita ,ginnie, rupanshi , akshita , tanisha ,himani, jaspreena , .( saale teri choice toh dekhe zara.. :) ;) . ek hi naam bataaio .

Bhai in mein se koi nhi:p :p tum picnic manao main apni ke valentine manaunga . Mummy ne picnic ke paise maine valentine ke liye rakh liye XD.XD

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Who would you give the following tittles from 11th and 12th each Lovely Eyes Drama Queen/King Bestie Girl/Guy next door Awesome personality Most missed guy/girl (senior)

Hahaha.. anon bada dimaag lagaya hai question mein.. anyways best questin ever had ;)
Lovely Eyes-
11: Kashika ; 12: haven't noticed :p
Drama Queen-
11. Parneet; 12. Ginnie
11. Mera saara lafuntar grup ; 12. Vibhor
Awesome personality-
11. no one :/ 12. Srijla, Vibhor
Most missed-
Srijla, Vibhor, Ginnie :')

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