Ask @rainbowsareawesomee:

What could it mean if a girl asks ‘Do u have a crush?’

hmm there's actually 2 possibilities to this. firstly, the girl might just be curious about which girl is popular among guys. The second possibility is that the girl might be interested in you😉she might be trying to see if you have any preferred girl and whether she is that girl in your heart😉😉what i would suggest is you can ask her back the same qn without actually answering the qn first😂and if she says she's looking for someone like you, CONGRATS!!😁HOPE I HELPED😊TOODLES!🌈💝

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Hi so just now i had sex with a girl for the first time. I felt horrible after doing t with her because it was a random hookup and there was no feelings attached. How do i move on from it? I suppose it was a bad experience overall for the both of us

firstly i think u shld apologise to her becuz u have taken something super precious frm her--her virginity. aft u have sincerely apologised to her and tried to make it up to her, u'll be able to move on🙃i hope i helped😊

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hey guise i really wanna sincerely thank all of u for supporting me for this whole year and two mths or so.😊im rlly glad i started this daily notes thing☺it really made me happy seeing how u guise appreciated this and what really touched me was how u guise helped me when i had to deal w haters😌i hope that i had helped to liften ur moods too😄u guise can still confide in me by asking me qns here or direct messaging me on ig @love__expertise🙃u may anon ur qns if u do not feel comfortable revealing ur identity🙂i hope u guise will continue having a positive mindset and stay happy😁HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE GUISE!!🎊🎉

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